Truth Street has received excellent coverage. It has featured across national media and was chosen as one of three books for Summer 2019 by The Financial Times – where the literary editor wrote

“ Out of terrible injustice and sadness comes a beautiful tribute to the victims”.

The book was chosen by the Guardian as one of their poetry books for the summer 2019, a review of the work detailing,

‘ Truth Street is a vital artistic contribution in helping us to understand the complexity of everyday lives behind newspaper headlines and convenient lies..’

Truth Street in the Guardian Newspaper ( May 2019)

Truth Street Review ( July 2019)–roundup

Truth Street on the BBC ( May 2019)

Truth Street in the Financial Times ( June 2019)

Truth Street in the Morning Star ( June 2019)

Truth Street features as a discussion on truth in poetry in Soundings Issue 74 (
‘I am haunted by this history but I also haunt it back’: two poetry collections).

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